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The new playground at Ratcliffe Park offers a wide range of outdoor recreational activities. You can jump in the hoop to practice your basketball skills, or take the kids on a hike through the natural landscape. There’s also an expansive playground area with swings and other equipment.

Why did they tear down the old playground at Ratcl

Residents have been asking Ald. Debra Silverstein to advocate for the rebuilding of the old playground. She has heard from residents for months about the worn-out playground. This motivated her to get in touch with state Sen. Ram Villivalam. Together, they have worked for over a year to secure a $750,000 state grant for the project. Learn more about Treasures of the NRA National Firearms Museum

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The old playground served as a community park and was located several hundred feet away from the school building. It was maintained by Asheville Parks and Recreation, which partnered with Asheville City Schools for five years. After that, they turned the responsibility over to Asheville Schools. Contact Best real estate agents in Fairfax

Van Dyck Park located in Fairfax VA is a Park that offers outdoor recreation and nature preservation. -Big balcony with. In addition to producing or arranging albums by Randy Newman Harry Nilsson Phil. One of Fairfax Citys most love parks – approximately 30 acres of land on Old Lee Hwy.

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