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Most people Google' homes for sale' and start scrolling through the pretty pictures when they begin their home search.

But before you get too far down that path, you'll want to choose a caring, competent, and engaging agent with your best interests at heart.

A skilled agent will:

• Explain the current housing market to you.
• Set up a specific, targeted search, so you aren’t overwhelmed with hundreds of homes to view.
• Connect you to a trusted lender, so you are pre-qualified to make an offer.
• Write up your offer, making it appealing with the best terms for the seller’s consideration.
• Negotiate the best terms for you.
• Recommend preferred title companies, inspectors, and local vendors to help you along the way.
• Make sure the transaction closes, and you move in on time.

Your home search begins with a quick phone call to us. We'll get you on the right path to homeownership.

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