Daniels Run Park in the Fairfax Recreation Area

If you’re looking for an easy place to run, bike, or hike in Fairfax, Daniels Run Park in Alexandria may be a great choice. The park has a small stream that runs through it, a number of hiking trails, and even a small playground. If you’re looking for a good place to bring your kids, this might be the perfect spot for them.

Where is the entrance of daniels run park?

Daniels Run Park is a park located in Fairfax, Virginia. You’ll find the entrance to the park on Daniels Run Street. Street parking is available. The park is open until January 9th. Find out more about the park at their website. Learn more about Fairfax Museum and Visitor Center a must-visit place.

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Daniels Run Park in the Fairfax Recreation Area 2

If you plan to have an event at the park, you must get a permit from the Fairfax County Park Authority. Permits will only grant access to areas reserved by the park. Other areas of the park are available to the public on a first come, first serve basis. Permits are only issued to adult applicants who are responsible for the supervision of the event. They are also responsible for any injuries or damage to park property.

loop trail in daniels run park

The 2.5-mile Loop trail in Daniels Run Park is one of the most beautiful trails in the Fairfax Recreation Area. It is rated easy and has an elevation gain of 177.1 feet. It follows the Potomac River and features multiple waterfalls. It is a great choice for families and hiking enthusiasts. Sell your house for cash in Fairfax contact DelariaTeam today.

The trail is a combination of flat and narrow sections. The loop begins by taking you to the Sand Cave, a massive rock shelter. This cave is technically in Kentucky, but the trail itself begins in Virginia. The ceiling of the cave has striations of up to 21 different colors. Church congregations used to gather here and sing.

Another option for families is the Rails to River Trail. This trail winds through Lake Fairfax Park and is a good alternative to hiking in Shenandoah National Park or the Potomac Gorge. This loop trail is also convenient for city dwellers because it is within walking distance of Metro stations.

The Loop trail in Daniels Run Park Fairfax recreation area is one of the most popular trails in the park. It features beautiful scenery around Burke Lake. This trail connects with other trails within Burke Lake Park. It also connects to the Lake Mercer Loop Trail and Ox Road Sidepath.

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